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"win / win relationship - means that the clients, vendors, subconts and organization wins. it is frame of heart and mind that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all."

Mall / Department Store
Project Name Scope Of Work Completion  
PIK Avenue Mechanical 2014 detail
Giant Hypermarket Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC 2013  
Grand Galaxy Mall - Bekasi Electrical 2013  
Big Mall Global City - Samarinda Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC 2013  
Ranch Building Mechanical 2010  
Bekasi Square Mechanical, Electrical 2008 detail
Serpong Town Square Electrical, Electronic 2006 detail
Paskal Hyper Square Mechanical, Electrical 2005 detail
Ciroyom Market Mechanical, Electrical 2005  
Paris Van Java - Mall Mechanical 2005 detail
Giant Hypermarket Electrical, Electronic 2004  
Jababeka Plaza Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC 2002  
JCPenny Collection Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC 1995  
Matahari Dept. Store - Arion Plaza Electrical 1991  
Matahari Dept. Store - Palaguna Plaza Electrical 1990  
Johar Plaza Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC 1990  
Matahari Dept. Store - King Plaza Electrical 1989