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Our Philosophy

"win / win relationship - means that the clients, vendors, subconts and organization wins. it is frame of heart and mind that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all."

About Us
PT Tatametrika Nusantara begins its performance since 1988 and founded by the late Ir. Marcus Pramono.

Having 23 years of experience in handling the entrusted small and big projects, PT Tatametrika Nusantara is ready to face new international challenges in the business which demand high professionalism in service and work execution.

The company is supported by more than 100 personnel, equipped with the appropriate technical skills to maintain the company’s high standing image. To keep up with the world’s rapid development in technology and design requirement, the company highly encourage the increase of teamwork performance in all aspect Management as well as technical training programs always remain as company’s first priority. it is a commitment which guarantees the efficiency of each personnel in accomplising their task near to perfection.
Customer satisfaction is proven by the number of new projects as repeat orders from satisfied clients. These projects are carried out by our dedicated staffs with an attitude of increased responsibility to always provide the best return to our clients.